November Gift Box Special – 2 plants w/ eco pots


With two gorgeous orchids and two of our eco friendly pots, this box special makes a great gift. Wish someone a happy birthday, happy anniversary, or let a friend know you’re thinking of them. Odcdm. Catatante features sprays full of orange fall tones, while Den. Mini Snowflake is covered in small fragrant flowers and will bloom for months. The sweet fragrance of these Oncidium type orchids will be sure to impress. Includes Odontocidium Catatante ‘Sunny Kalapana’, Dendrobium Mini Snowflake, and 2 eco pots.

This box special includes express shipping!


NOTE:  Pricing includes box and regular shipping costs.  There may be an additional fee for any inspections or citric treatments depending on shipping destination requirements.


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