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Kalapana Tropicals has a CITES permit to ship internationally. We have successfully shipped to Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Singapore, Canada, St. Vincent & the Grenadines , the Bahamas, Trinidad & Japan.  We look forward to more opportunities to ship elsewhere. Due to the amount of paperwork and logistics involved to ship internationally we ask that you please allow 2 weeks for us to prepare your order. This may go faster, but more time up front is always better. Please read carefully the steps outlined below as these will expedite your order.

Our CITES permit does not cover any species, only hybrids.

We are certified to ship the following genus;

  • Dendrobium
  • Oncidium/Intergeneric Oncidinae
  • Miltonia
  • Zygopetalum
  • Cattleya/Epidendrum
  • Masdevallia
  • Cymbidium/Grammatophylum

Procedures for ordering

  • $2,000 minimum order due to documentation preparations and special handling required including travel to USDA, onsite inspections and witnessed chemical treatments.
  • Please email your itemized list of plants to [email protected] along with your company information and what airport you would like your plants shipped to.
  • Make note of what stage or plant size you want the plants in; low spike, non bloom, spike or, near blooming size etc.
  • FAX (815-361-4782) or email YOUR Import Permit to us at the time that you place your order. Your permit will show us the requirements of your country....... for example; plants must be bare root, plants must be treated with.........or what declarations must be made on our phytosanitary certificate.

We will then follow through with

  • Harvesting your plants
  • Requesting a Phytosanitary Certificate through USDA
  • Make a booking for Air Freight Delivery
  • Prepare your CITES Document
  • Have plants inspected by USDA and all documents  officially processed on the day of shipping.
  • Chemical Treatment


Phytosanitary Certificate and Document for orders, $200

CITES - Flat rate per shipment, $100

Chemical Treatment, $100

Minimum Order for International Shipping is $2,000 worth of plant material before box and freight charges.

All Documents will be scanned and emailed to you as well as the original documents that will be sent with your shipment. Freight charges will be added on to your invoice based upon EXACTLY what Commodity Forwarders bill us.

Details of Requirements by Countries that we have Shipped to already;

Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Saipan & Guam

  • Puerto Rico shipping via UPS
  • Virgin Islands shipping via FedEx
  • Saipan & Guam via USPS - import permit required US priority mail
  • Guam - mandatory Dept of Ag Citric Acid treatment for Coqui Frogs $60 charge
  • phytosanitary certificate
  • No CITES Required
  • 24 plant minimum


  • Bare Root or in media are both approved
  • Plants must be treated with a fungicide, insecticide and nematicide in front of an inspector from USDA, chemical treatment charge
  • We have shipped to Singapore without an import permit from the customer as the permits are obtained on the day that the shipments arrive in Singapore based upon the invoice that is emailed in advance.


  • Bare Root material only - free from all tree bark growing material
  • No Chemical Treatment Required
  • Per plant bare rooting fee, $3

St. Vincent & The Grenadines

  • No Import permit required
  • No Chemical Treatment Required

The Bahamas

  • No Chemical Treatment Required
  • No Import permit required to travel with shipment
  • Apply for permit to present at the arrival of shipment


  • No Import permit required
  • No Chemical Treatment Required
  • Bare root only - no media
  • Shipped via US priority mail


  • Import permit required
  • Bare root only
  • Treatment with both insecticides & fungicide

We look forward to sharing our plants with the entire world !

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