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Alcra. Pacific Nova ‘Okika’ “Spider Orchid”, Blooming Size

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Alcra. Pacific Nova ‘Okika’ is a striking Brassia hybrid that produces several 5-6″ flowers colored in a unique combination of yellow-green with dark brown spots and lighter mahogany markings. Up to a dozen flowers per spike that reaches a total height of 28″ when blooming.

This orchid is a hybrid that originated from a cross of Brsdm. Shooting Star x Milt. clowesii by Trop.O.Farm in 2002. The Aliceara genus combines the features of three orchid genera: Brassia, Miltonia, and Oncidium. With its eye-catching flowers and interesting lineage, the Alcra. Pacific Nova ‘Okika’ is a great addition to any orchid collection. Grown in 4′ pot.

Not in spike but could spike at any moment.

Will include in spike if any available. Note:  Spiking plants may cost a bit more.

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