Bifrenaria harrisoniae x Anguloa uniflora- 6″ Blooming size

This exceptional hybrid orchid results from the cross between Bifrenaria harrisoniae and Anguloa uniflora, combining the best traits of both parent species. It is characterized by robust growth and a striking floral display, making it a superb choice for collectors and retailers looking for a unique and vigorous orchid.

Flower Color and Shape:  The flowers of this hybrid display a captivating blend of colors, typically featuring deep burgundy petals from Bifrenaria harrisoniae, complemented by the creamy white and green hues of Anguloa uniflora. The blossoms are large, with a notable tulip-like shape due to the influence of Anguloa uniflora, creating a dramatic visual impact.

Origin:  The hybrid combines the South American heritage of Bifrenaria harrisoniae from Brazil with Anguloa uniflora from the Andean regions, making it well-suited to a variety of cultivation conditions.

Fragrance:  The hybrid inherits a subtle fragrance from Anguloa uniflora, which has a light, pleasing scent, adding an extra layer of appeal to its already impressive floral presentation.

Plant Size:  This orchid hybrid typically grows to about 12 to 18 inches in height, with robust, leathery leaves that add to its lush, tropical appearance.

Blooming Season:  The blooming season for this hybrid usually occurs in the mid to late summer, providing a spectacular display when many other orchids are not in peak bloom.

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