Dendrobium Mini Snowflake, Multi-spike


Den. aberrans x Den. johnsoniae

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This novelty dendrobium, Den. aberrans x Den. johnsoniae, produces multiple spikes with clusters of small, white & very fragrant flowers.  Our mother plant bloomed for 6 months!  Super easy to grow & very rewarding.  Typically blooms twice per year and from the same cane multiple times. Mature plant grown in a 4″ pot.  Most have 5 or more and some have had as many as 13 spikes at one time.

These Latouria Dendrobium feature compact, robust canes in combination with prolific spikes loaded with pure white flowers. The individual growths can re-flower from the same canes multiple times, and typically bloom twice per year. The flowers are long-lasting and can be in bloom for several months.


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