Dendrobium Mini Snowflake, Blooming Size

Den. aberrans x Den. johnsoniae

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Den. Mini Snowflake is an enchanting compact hybrid, known for prolific blooming nature.

Flower Color and Shape:  The flowers of Den. Mini Snowflake are long lasting, durable and charming, featuring pure white petals and sepals with a soft, velvety texture. Each blossom is small, typically around 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter, and has a classic, rounded orchid shape that contributes to its snowy, pristine appearance.   The flowers typically last for months!

Origin:  A primary hybrid of Dendrobium (aberrans x johnsoniae)

Fragrance:  light and subtle

Plant Size:  A compact orchid, 12 to 18″ in height.

Blooming Season:  Winter to Spring

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