Den. Kalapana Luz (Mini Snowflake x Nida), Blooming size

This colorful hybrid is a nice cross between two of our favorites. Mini Snowflake flowers with bunches of small white fragrant flowers, and Nida a Phalaenopsis type Den with incredible pink color.

This hybrid produces bursts of long-lasting flowers! The plants can bloom once or twice per year, sending out spikes from mature growths year after

Flower Color and Shape:  Pink striped or blush against white backdrop, 1-2″ in diameter.

Origin:  Den. Kalapana Luz is a hybrid that involves Dendrobium species native to Southeast Asia. This hybrid’s lineage includes characteristics that contribute to its colorful blooms and resilient nature, making it well-suited for a variety of indoor and outdoor growing conditions.

Plant Size:  16-24″ in height.

Blooming Season:  Winter & Spring

Weight 1 lbs
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