Maxillariella tenuifolia, Red Coconut Orchid, Blooming Size

Maxillariella tenuifolia is a captivating orchid species renowned for its striking appearance and unique fragrance. It is an ideal choice for both orchid enthusiasts and retailers looking to diversify their collection with a distinctly aromatic plant.

Flower Color and Shape: The flowers of Maxillariella tenuifolia boast a vibrant red color with hints of yellow at the center, and each bloom measures approximately 1 inch in diameter. The petals are rounded with a slightly wavy margin, contributing to its charming and exotic look.

Common Name: This orchid is commonly referred to as the Coconut Orchid due to its delightful scent.

Origin: Native to Central America, Maxillariella tenuifolia thrives in tropical climates and is adapted to a variety of indoor and greenhouse environments.

Fragrance: One of the most notable features of this orchid is its coconut-like fragrance, which it emits during its blooming period, adding a tropical ambiance to any setting.

Plant Size: The plant typically reaches a height of 8 to 12 inches, making it a manageable size for both retail display and home cultivation.

Blooming Season: The Coconut Orchid usually blooms from late spring to early summer, providing a seasonal display of its aromatic and colorful flowers.

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