Mclna. Yellow Star ‘Okika’ AM/AOS

(Onc. Cornelia (1914) x Brsdm. Gilded Urchin)

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Mclna. Yellow Star ‘Okika’ is a stunning long lasting orchid hybrid, renowned for its stunning bright yellow blooms and vigorous growth.

Flower Color and Shape:  Durable vibrant yellow with brown spots, creating a cheerful and sunny appearance. The blooms are typically about 2 to 3 inches in diameter and feature a classic star-shaped orchid form that last up to a month!

Origin:  Originated by J.W.McCully in 2005.  It is a cross of Onc. Cornelia (1914) x Brsdm. Gilded Urchin

Fragrance:  Subtle, pleasing fragrance

Plant Size: 24-30 inches in height.

Blooming Season:  Winter, Spring & Summer

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