Monnierara Millennium Magic ‘Witchcraft’ FCC/AOS, Blooming Size


Monnierara Millennium Magic ‘Witchcraft’ is an extraordinary orchid hybrid, notable for its dramatic, deep black flowers—a rarity in the orchid world.

Awarded First Class Certificate (FCC), truly rare, by the American Orchid Society in 2013, for its superb BLACK flowers and free flowering habit (2 spikes with 43 flowers!) – this may be the very best BLACK orchid out there.


*We will include in Spike/bud when in season, but most are sold in blooming size.  During winter periods the plant is in deciduous, in dormant stage (no foliage).

**Note that Catasetinae easily attract and contract spider mites.  Besides commercial grade insecticide, consider using ‘neem wipes’ or spray under the foliage twice a month (or every week if you have mites) in the evenings when there is no direct light.

Flower Color and Shape:  Deep, nearly BLACK color with a velvety texture and slight burgundy undertones when viewed in bright light. The blooms are large and have a complex, star-like shape with elongated petals and sepals, contributing to their mysterious and enchanting appearance.

Origin: A complex intergeneric hybrid creaded in 1999 (Ctnchs. Midnight Jem x Morn. sinuata)

Fragrance:  While it is mainly celebrated for its visual appeal, this orchid also emits a mild, unique fragrance, adding a subtle and pleasing aromatic dimension to its presence.

Plant Size:  12 to 24 inches in height,

Blooming Season:  Summer

Weight 1 lbs
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