Mps. Renee Komoda, large multi-spikes

This is an impressive tried & true white Miltoniopsis, large multi spikes!

Mps. Renee Komoda is a distinguished orchid hybrid known for its vibrant blooms and strong growth.

Flower Color and Shape:   Large white flowers with splash of yellow and pink center.

Origin:  A hybrid involving Mps. Edwidge Sabourin × Mps. santanaei (syn Mps. roezlii), noted for their cool-growing nature and strikingly beautiful, pansy-like flowers.  This lineage contributes to the hybrid’s dramatic coloration and its ability to thrive in cooler temperatures than many other orchid varieties.

Fragrance:  This hybrid is appreciated for its delightful fragrance, which is both sweet and subtle

Plant Size:  16 to 20 inches in height, with a robust and upright growth habit.

Blooming Season:  Spring to early Summer

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