Ctsm. Frilly Doris, Blooming Size

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Catasetum Frilly Doris is a distinctive and eye-catching orchid hybrid known for its dramatic and unusual flowers. It offers a unique visual appeal with its frilly blossoms, making it a standout choice for orchid enthusiasts and specialty plant retailers.

Flower Color and Shape:  The flowers of Catasetum Frilly Doris are remarkable for their large, frilly petals and sepals, which are predominantly bright yellow with striking burgundy spots. The unique frilled edges of the petals enhance the visual texture of the blooms, making them particularly eye-catching.

Origin:  As a hybrid, Catasetum Frilly Doris combines the genetic traits of various Catasetum species native to tropical South America, ensuring vigorous growth and adaptability under a range of climatic conditions.

Fragrance:  This hybrid is not typically noted for fragrance but is primarily cultivated for its spectacular visual attributes.

Plant Size:  Catasetum Frilly Doris grows to an average height of 10 to 15 inches, making it suitable for container growing and easy display in both residential and commercial settings.

Blooming Season:  The blooming season for Catasetum Frilly Doris generally falls in the late summer to early autumn, offering a burst of color when many other plants are beginning to fade.

Catasetum Frilly Doris is highly prized for its unique, frilly flowers and robust growth, making it a popular choice among orchid collectors seeking something different and visually stimulating for their collections or retail offerings.

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